Forage Losses Due to Drought – Applications for the Livestock Forage Program (LFP)

Drought conditions continue to persist over much of our state. Eligible livestock producers who have suffered forage losses due to eligible drought conditions (D2 drought intensity level for 8 consecutive weeks or any length of time at a D3 or D4 conditions) may be eligible for payments under LFP. To be eligible, producers must provide complete acreage reports for all forage that losses are being claimed on by July 15, 2020. Additionally, verifiable beginning inventory records for eligible livestock, and complete, signed leases must also be provided if applicable. All leases and livestock records must be in the applicant’s name and additional documentation may be needed if the forage ground is subleased. Further eligibility documentation may be required as part of the application process and will be determined by local service center staff.
While USDA Service Centers, including FSA county offices are not open to the public at this time, program delivery staff continue to work diligently to provide services to eligible producers. All interested producers within LFP eligible counties should call their local service center to request an application and to determine the best way to provide documentation to support their request.

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