In a little less than a year, Colorado voters will not only decide which presidential candidate gets it’s nine elector votes, but also if wolves should be introduced to the state’s western wilderness. The main group backing the introduction is the Rocky Mountain Wolf Action Fund. They have reported that they have gathered more than 200,000 signatures, guaranteeing a spot for the issue on the 2020 state ballot.

Terry Frankhauser, the executive vice president of the Colorado Cattlemen’s Association, warns that this action could come with serious consequences.

“It’s far too risky not only for humans and livestock populations in the state but wildlife as well,” Frankhauser said. “It’s not that we are opposed to wolves. It’s not even that we are opposed to discussing elements around the proposal. It’s that we don’t believe things like that belong in government electoral policy. That’s why we have this 100-year-old agency called Colorado Parks and Wildlife.”

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