Consumer Group: Fake Meat is Factory Food

Will Coggin
September 24, 2019 03:14 PM

The ingredient list can include tertiary butylhydroquinone and disodium inosinate. ( CCF )
The Center for Consumer Freedom (CCF) is running a full-page ad in USA Today exposing the highly processed nature of fake, “plant-based” bacon. Roughly one-third of consumers believe “plant-based” is equivalent to “minimally processed.” The ingredient list of “plant-based” bacon, which can include tertiary butylhydroquinone and disodium inosinate, reveals this is far from true.
According to the NOVA classification system, ultra-processed foods are “formulations of ingredients, mostly of exclusive industrial use, typically created by series of industrial techniques and processes.” A recent National Institutes of Health study found that ultra-processed foods cause weight gain.
This ad is the latest in an educational campaign to demystify the “plant-based” craze. CCF has previously placed ads on fake meat in the Wall Street Journal and the New York Post. In addition to the ads, provides consumers with a transparent look at fake meat as well as informational blog posts and other helpful tools.

The full-page ad can be found here.
CCF managing director Will Coggin commented: “Consumers should be aware that ‘plant-based’ is a euphemism for ‘ultra-processed.’ Fake meat doesn’t grow on vines—it’s made in factories.”

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