Energy, Nutrition and Variety – Beef is the Total Package

Your beef checkoff investment is opening new doors for consumers looking for nutritious eating

While you are focused on raising the world’s most nutritious beef, your beef checkoff is busy opening new doors for beef by showing consumers how beef is a powerful source of protein.

Joan Ruskamp and her husband Steve operate a feedlot and row-crop farm west of Dodge, Nebraska. She is committed to helping consumers understand the health benefits of beef.

“Consumers are very concerned about the nutritional value of the food they eat,” says Ruskamp. “We need to do everything we can to explain to our customers why beef is the healthy choice.”

Social media has become the most powerful force in communicating with consumers.

“Social media is where consumers are getting inaccurate information about beef, so that is the first place where we need to make sure that we are providing accurate information,” she says. “Everything we do through social channels directs people to the ‘Beef. It’s What’s for Dinner.’ website where they can learn why beef is the healthy choice for every meal.”

Another place where your beef checkoff investments can be seen is at the meat counter.

“Just 10 years ago, only nine cuts of beef qualified as lean,” Ruskamp points out. “However, thanks to product development funded through the beef checkoff, consumers now have 40 cuts to choose from. And we have developed recipes to make meal preparation convenient and easy.”

Checkoff-funded research studies such as BOLD—Beef in an Optimal Lean Diet—are already paying dividends by proving that lean beef lowers bad cholesterol.

“We have the research to back up why people should include beef in their diet,” says Ruskamp. “It’s not based on our opinion but on sound, factual proof that beef is loaded with nutrients, it’s low in calories and good for you; and, you can include it in your diet and be healthier for it.”

Go to and read about more your ways your checkoff is opening doors for beef.

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